Capture The Flag!

“CAPTURE THE FLAG: CONQUER THE DIVIDE!” dissects the timeless struggle of nations. In this case we are looking at America through the mythology of the Cowboy and the Indian, a great duality within American history. The work embodies themes of liberation and inspiration. America itself is a work in progress. Our work is a reflection of the way we are pushing for a new world, and a society that thrives and feeds off of creativity and forward thinking. Progression through evolution. More specifically, we are redefining the concept of America and what it is to be an American. There is no I in the America we know – we spell it AMERYCA, suggesting cooperation over competition.

By simply switching the stars and stripes and eliminating color from the flag we are forced to re examine its meaning, every nation has a flag, every city has a responsibility, and every person has a dream. Our vision is to capture moments in history, with the hope that we can shed light on the future. Capture the flag is an opportunity for us to question our place in the world. Capturing the flag is freedom. This show opened at Underdogs Gallery in June of 2013, and was our first solo show in Portugal.

We put together a photo journal of the trip on our blog, and you can see a video of the trip here.