Fresh Paint : Film

Party to party, there’s nothing quite like the bustling streets of Art Basel Miami.

If an artist’s work is an extension of who they are, actively pursuing their passions and mastering their craft have allowed them to draw their own path and share their successes. Fresh paint. Easily.

Previously dependent on high-brow museum and gallery curators, the art world has recently seen a shift in power. Instead of a few individuals being the driving forces of what work is filtered into the public realm, a breed of artists have created their own communities – outside of the confines of a gallery. Everything is in “Internet years” now. Time has sped up, and the URL has brought people from all walks of life and all places in the world together, IRL.

Times are changing, and a new breed of artists are closing the gap on their ambitions; relieved of obstacles that were hindering a decade ago. When a musician’s Soundcloud uploads turn into a world tour, and a photographer’s steady Instagram following evolves into an international campaign, it’s clear to see that more than ever, being a creator is synonymous with being self-made.


Director: Amos LeBlanc
Cinematographer: Christopher Lew
Editor: Calum Moore

Cyrcle – @cyrcle
Mad Steez – @madsteez
Instagrafite – @instagrafite
Aaron Li Hill – @li_hill
Adnate – @adnate
Marina Capdevila – @marinacapdevila

Canon c500
EF – 16-35mm – f/2.8L II USM
EF – 24-70mm – f/2.8L II USM
EF – 14mm – f/2.8L II USM
EF – 50mm – f/1.2L USM